Dating loser man only

01-Sep-2017 15:34

I’m 48 years old and only recently learned to run for the hills as fast as I can as soon as I hear the following spilling from my mouth or forming in my head: “.”Mark my words, this is the same as saying, “He’s a loser.”I know this now, all too well.And yet, there’s a part of me — a soft part, a tender part, a part of me I like and protect— that falls for men “with potential.” The ones “with potential” were always the hardest ones to get over.There was Pete Hancock, the master debater of his high school team in Kansas City turned pizza shop manager in San Luis Obispo.

Of course you are super smart, cool, fun, and basically the most amazing girl ever–but are you dating a loser?

The presence of even three of these symptoms indicates a potentially harmful relationship.

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