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Do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance using the resources listed in this guide. This would account for the lease being retrospective to December 1598. Construction of the Fortune commenced upon the signing of the contract on 8 January 1600.

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"It is good to plant or graffe generally, the Moone increasing . STC lists the imprints of more than 200 printers who produced almanacs, plus another 100 anonymous publications. According to an analysis prepared for the author in 1996 by Dr. of good and evil, of God and the Devil, and of the dual human and divine natures of Christ. Not all Shakespeare's contemporaries were content to suffer Elizabeth's autocracy in silence. E.) was an established school at the time of Caesar and Christ. All Scripture citations are from The New Testament (London, 1599). Shakespeare moves the murder of Cinna from day (North 795) to night in order to create this confrontation. OED Holiday, n.2.a.: "A day on which ordinary occupations (of an individual or a community) are suspended; a day of exemption or cessation from work; a day of festivity, recreation, or amusement." Holy-day, n.: "A day consecrated or set apart for religious observance, usually in commemoration of some sacred person or event; a religious festival." 24. Marlorate, Fol.113v: "For truely the Bishop of Rome matcheth the royall power . Act II, scene I takes place after midnight on the Eve of the Ides of March.

Over the same weeks in 1600, the average drops to 95 18s, a decline of more than 50%.

Again, this decline in revenue could be the result of various factors singly or in combination. And, conversely: "Doung Ground to prevent the growing of Weedes, the Moone decreasing" (Fol. The OED provides two citations, the first dating to A. 1200: "O er [to think] newe mone betere an 'ld-mone in to newe huse te w'nden" (Vices&Virtues 1200, 27).

Since this note appears in a special issue on women's writing, it is perhaps worth observing that the idea that "a latter-born child--either born in wedlock to the same parents or, in the event of the death of either partner, born of the remarriage of either father or mother--should take precedence in heritance over a firstborn natural child" was by no means purely theoretical but did in fact occur in the family of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, whose eldest brother was born before the marriage of their parents.

They appealed to James I to recognise him as their heir, but to no avail, and he was therefore disinherited in favour of the second son.For his part, Eastman refuses to go quietly, and his top aide, E.